Poor Sox…

I almost feel sorry for them for being totally and completely humiliated by us! What a freaking series. I still cant believe this happened. AM I IN A DREAM OR DID THE YANKS REALLY JUST SWEEP THE SOX IN 5 GAMES WITH VIRTUALLY NO RESISTANCE FOR THOSE MIGHTY MIGHTY SOX LED BY THEIR MESSIAH BIG PAPI??? Wow wow wow. what a great past couple of days its been. I cant wipe the grin off my face!!!! 😀 I am like…skipping to the kitchen, skipping to the train, skipping to work, basically skipping everywhere. =]

Now bring on those Seattle Mariners! Yanks are cruising right now, and boy..didnt i say this is going to be the year for another Subway Series? I know the end of the season is still 5 weeks+ away, but you are out of your mind if you think the Yanks arent already AL East champs. You must have been watching these past 5 games with your eyes closed or something.

I am not worried about the division. Now i am concentrating on how we will have to handle either the Angels, Tigers, White Sox or Twins and cruise our way into the October classic.

My excitement is immeasurable! =]


By the way, go pick up a copy of Zoe Rice, fellow mlblogger’s, book if you havent done so already.


*thumbs up* .

I have to support a fellow female baseball blogger, even though she’s a fan of the wrong NY baseball team. Ha ha, j/k. :-p


  1. paul1040@aol.com

    Wow, what a babe! I thought you used to be a guy. I thought Lola was short for Leonard or Bob or Dave or something like that.

    Wow, you can fling 40 pound frozen turkeys, too! WOW!

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