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Alas, i do pay for this blog…

…so i probably should use it more!! lol

I myself cant even fathom my laziness these days anymore. Its not like i am not keeping up with the world of Yankees baseball, alas, i’m stil very much a fanatic. But when it comes to updating my blog, i fall flat and the wind of laziness blows over me. lol. I keep telling myself i will do better. But i think i need to stop lying to myself. I dont know if my updates will ever be consistent again until playoff time. lol. Speaking of playoffs…how bout them Yankees, uh? 😉

Anywhooo, was at the game the other day. The game when Jeff Karstens attempted to pitch. Alas, it was a miserable attempt at pitching, as we all know. Between him and the bullpen, we got blown out 12-0. Poor kid. I always root for the youngins, but i just couldnt get behind Jeff on this one. I heard he’s back in triple A. Give it some more time Jeffie. Come back when u’re really ready.

Here are some pictures i took =). CLICK TO ENLARGE.


attempting to pitch…


At-bat pitcures are easily my favorite. Here’s my favorite player Matsui getting ready to smoke one (and he hit a single).


RIP The Scooter . You shall never be forgotten.


Hey, a lil somthing for u to chew on ! tee hee, i ❤ how this pic came out!!


I think this is one of my favorite pictures i’ve ever taken.
Its at least in my top 10. I spent a lot of time editing this shot to
get it just how i wanted. I think it looks so very editorial, like one of those Nike
commercials. I ❤ it!! We thought this guy was hot, so i was
sneaking shots of him. Thank God for super zoom, lol. Anyway, it took
some concentration to get this focus right, cause i wanted to keep the
focus on just him. I think i did pretty well =)


I love taking pictures of the little factoids. =) A lil Robbie Jose trivia for ya!!


I like those lil factoids, like i said before =)


A-Rod at-bat.



Now this pic is definitely a favorite.
I loved the little boy’s MoHawk, and so i wanted a pic. But he was moving
around too much, so i just had to keep flicking till i got a good angle
and voila!!! I ❤ this picture to pieces.


It was my friend Myriam’s (left) first Yankees game. I felt bad she had to come on a day they got beat so bad, but she still had fun!!! =)


Cyn, Me and Myriam enjoying ourselves despite being whooped 9-0 at this point.

Ok, thats all i have.
I have like 5 more games before season ends. So more pics soon =).
(PS. If you are wondering, yes i do take pictures sorta professionally, but no i am not a professional photog – i am a number crunching analyst bum, lol. I just have professional equipment and a very avid interest in photography. I carry 3 different lenses around with me, ha ha. I have a super zoom lens, which is why i can zoom so clearly on the field. All these pics were taken from way up in Tier Reserve seats).


Last ’06 game at Yankee stadium *tear*

Barring a postseason ticket miracle (someone’s woking on getting me some, but its not looking too promising, i’ll keep the fingers crossed), tonite, or should i say last night (omg, its 2:30am!) was the last game in my ticket pack for 2006.

*tear tear tear*

Needless to say, i soaked it all in.

Everytime i am at Yankee stadium is pretty special, but tonite was especially special cause the season is alas ending :'(. I get emotional this time of the year. *sigh* countdown to my aggressive offseason countdown to Pitchers and Catchers report day.

Anyway, instead of focusing on the negative, lets set our sights on the positive!!! Pretty fun game tonite..everyone seemed to contribute. A RBI here, a stolen base there, a homerun etc…it all pieced together nicely, and what more could we ask for from Lidle, who pitched quite effectively! 6 innings, 6 hits, 3 runs…i believe thats a quality start.

Our relief guys also did their jobs, with the exception of a few long balls here and there, and even though Scottie managed to try to raise my bp again, we came out victorious with a 5-4 win. Ah, good times, good times.

But i wont bore you with a rehash of the game. If you need a play-by-play, check gameday or watch yankees encore :-p. j/k ha ha.

Here are the pics. (lol, i’d love to tell you they are in order of events..love to! ha ha, i’ll try to be more organized next time!)

I’ve never gotten it from this angle before..i like. =)

Put me anywhere in Yankee stadium – field, loge, main, tier – anywhere, and i’d be a happy camper. But do you think its coincidence that today i sat i Box 27? No 😉

Lidle did a fine job.

Goooooodzillaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Man have i missed this man! 😀

I believe this was Robbie’s homer at-bat. 🙂

Orioles dugout.

I know you arent supposed to take pictures during God bless America, but but but, i just couldnt resist taking this picture. I mean, all the guys lined up like this…i think u can understand :-p

Laz and I. He’s a fan of "whoever beats the yankees" now that the Sox are out (he’s a sox fan).

Let’s Go Yankeeeees!!!!

Orioles in trouble.

Oh oh…Lidle’s tired :-/

Do ya smell what the Sheff is cooking??

Apparently its a RBI that knocked ARod in :-D. Nice! I’ve missed that bat waggle! Welcome back Sheff!!

You are not allowed to have drinks in bottles except you sit in VIP (field champ).

Apparently, what happens in Boston doesn’t stay in Boston :-p.

I was told i MUST play into the rivalry. lol

They started the stupid wave, lol.

And the wave continues…

I LOVE the way Bruney wears his socks. I think more of our players should do this!

When he came up and got his 2 out hit, which by the way made it possible for Sheff to knock him in, proving to be the game winner in a 5-4 ball game 🙂

…and he steals a base!!! :-D. Or else that run would not have scored. So unclutch that Alex Rodriguez! Trade him to the Wisconsin Chickenbutts!! ha ha

This was the scoreboard when we decided its time to jet, to beat traffic a little…although we werent really fooling anyone with just one out left. LOL.

Thats all folks!!! Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as i enjoyed being there and taking them!

I cut 3 classes today (yesterday) to be at this game. There was no way i was missing it. I’d say it was worth it. Just dont tell my professors that…i’m supposed to be …eeer, sick :-p.

Let’s Gooo Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankees vs Tigers. 8/30 game 2.

I had a lot more pictures than this, but unfortunately, i accidently deleted a bunch of pics from my camera =(. These are the few i could salvage from last night’s game when i realized i had accidently selected "all delete". Ah well.
Hope you all like em nonetheless. =]
I had a great time at the game…well at least for the first 8 and 2/3 innings ha ha, But whats new, i always have fun at the game!

These are from ESPN Zone, my favorite hangout spot in the city =].

That’s all folks! =]

Pictures from yesterday’s game…

Yanks vs Indians, June 13th, 2006.

I really love how these pictures came out. Yeah, this is how close i was to the field. I had the best time ever!

(Yes, these are all pics I took. Click to make the pictures bigger!)


A line up of All Stars. I love these guys!


Aaron freaking Boone!


You’ll have to excuse me…i believe i did mention i have a crush on the Grad-ster! ❤ (i and like every girl in Ohio, ha ha)


Johnny freaking Damon!


How much do i love Jeet, oh let me count the ways…


An ace in the making? I do believe so. Wang pitched his heart out last night!


How can one even begin to thank Bernabe for all these years he’s given us, and the way he continues to produce, even though he’s making chicken change (in major league terms) this year. I dont even know where to start…


I’m honored to have this guy play in my time…


This pic came out blurry =( but basically, its a pic of Andy congratulating Robbie at the plate for his solo tater that proved to be the lone run of the game.


I LOVE this picture of Melky. He has so much swagger and confidence in it…its amazing!


Robbie in the dugout after his homer. Hey look! He’s looking right at me! (or so i like to tell myself, ha ha!) 😀


One more picture of Sizemore… 😀 tee hee…


Deliberations over, Farnsie‘s in! And The Skipper, Joe Torre, approves.


I always look forward to see Freddy at the games. For those who dont know…he’s at every game…and its been that way wayy before i was born.


Ok ok ok, i promise, this is the last Grady Sizemore the Third picture i am posting tonight 😀 (i just couldnt resist..ha ha!)


Perhaps my favorite picture of the night…


Mo deals…BALL GAME OVER! Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankeeees WIN!! THAAAAAAAAAA Yankees win! 😀

Start spreading the news..

I’m leaving today,

I want to be a part of it..



I cant wait till my next game!

Thanks for viewing my pics folks =).

Good night! =)