I made the MLBlogs top 100 list!!! :-D

So i’m checking my email this morning and i see an email that i have a comment from Mark!! Everytime i get a comment from Mark always makes me smile, cause Mark is awesome and i am always happy when he takes the time out to visit my little corner of MLBlogosphere! =D

Well, he did it again!! (= This time, he visited to inform me that i had made the MLB bloggers top 100 list, coming in at a whooping number 54! (Congratulations to everyone who made it to the top 100!! =)

I have been so bad with updating my blog lately that, although number 54 is not as high as i would love to be, it feels good to know that i have not been forgotten around these parts =). This used to be my constant daily “hangout” spot, where i made some cool acquaintances like me who love to talk about baseball and we would do just that all day.

I really do miss blogging over here, but with increasing career responsibilities have come decreasing personal time that i then have to allocate between the 35483026383 other things that are going on in my life. But thats no excuse, or at least it shouldnt be. So one of my New Years Resolutions is going to be to begin blogging again. I know i have made that “promise” quite a number of times now, but i mean it this time. (Next year Mark, watch out for me trying to make my way back into the top 20 😉

In other news, i have finally adjusted to working in NJ, and have been lucky to have found a network of co-workers who are fellow Yankees fanatics like me :-D. We have a listserv that we comment on daily and its fun to have that Yankee community again! Thanks to them, working in NJ has been a lil less “frustrating” when it comes to the Yankees.

I am very happy about the signing of CC, although i could have done without the dramatics that preceded it. But the Yankees needed pitching and i felt he was definitely the best option that we had. He along with A.J. Burnett would add the missing piece of the puzzle that we needed to complete for pitching.

Now i patiently await to find out if Teixiera (yes yes yes please) and/or Manny (eeer, not feeling it) will be in pinstripes come opening day. And please God, let Andy Pettitte just take the offer already!!!!!!!! Andy, i love you, but seriously, which team is going to take you for higher than that? $10 M in this economy and you are saying no? Uhmmm… bro, just take it and end your career with dignity, as a Yankee, the way its supposed to be.
I really hope he takes it. I will always have an extremely soft spot in my heart for Andy, and would love to see him end his career in the stripes! I am still heeling from that whole Astros stint, and dont think i can stand to see him in another uniform again!

*fingers crossed*

Who’s going for opening Day?
A co-worker and i are trying to get some good tickets now. It would be an amazing time and nothing will feel better than me getting to be right there when they Christian the new stadium. I can only hope to recreate half the amazing memories i had at the old one at the new one. =)


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  1. kozmo

    On a whim, I stopped by your blog to check things out and, lo(-la) and behold, you’ve posted! Congratulations on your cracking the Top 100, Lola. Hopefully you’ll be active here to interact about the Yankees and baseball. I certainly understand, being saddled with my own responsibilities. However, it would be nice if you post more often. While I love the Sabathia signing and am cautiously optimistic about Burnett, I am more than thrilled that the Yankees signed Teixeira. Huge pickup, just huge. Take care Lola, and keep in touch.
    Jason from The Heartland

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