Back in the swing of things! =)

Thank you so much for the very warm welcome back Vanessa, Jason and Levelboss!!! 😀 I didn’t think anyone would even notice, lol. Now i’m motivated to start writing consistently again!! I’ve missed you guys and definitely missed blogging here =)

I guess its only right i give a reason as to why i have been absent. Well, no big breaking news, its just, my life has been insanely busy and has had lots of changes in the past few months. For one, i switched jobs and no longer work in NY, which was bittersweet, because while the new job is great for my career, it steals me away from New York City. Now i’m stuck in Central Jersey, boooo 😦

I mean, i love Jersey and all, but i miss everything about working in NY…. working on Wall Street, the atmosphere in midtown, hot dog stands, a pret-a-manger on every corner, more than 3 lunchtime options (which is what i currently have, lol), happy hours with co-workers, inifinite shopping options, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, being able to go to Yankees games after work during the week. That is DEFINITELY what i miss the most about working in the city. In fact, it almost made or break my decision. But you know…the yankees don’t pay my salary, my student loans, or put gas in my tank, lol.

Other than that, i have been on the go a lot and racking up major flier miles. I’m always ecstatic when i am able to get a Yankees game on the road, either through MLB.TV or by just being blessed enough to have it be shown on ESPN. But when i’m home, my TV is still married to the YES Network. =)

This year has been the first year in many that i am not going to meet my “at least 10 games per year” goal :(. At this point, i think i’ll be lucky to make it to 4 total games before the year ends. (I’m going on Friday August 1st, and Friday August 15th). I definitely definitely will also try to make it to one of the last games in September to pay my last respects (lol) to the old Yankee stadium. *sigh*. I’ve had A LOT of wonderful memories in that place…. oh man, it brings tears to my eyes *cue sad song in background* it’s soooo hard, to say goodbye…to yesterday… *end song* LOL . But no, seriously, i am definitely going to miss where i once referred to as my 4th (then 3rd after school ended) home cause i was there so much…

I’ve sat EVERYWHERE at Yankees stadium (except for bleachers) and i love every last corner of it…even the $7 hot dogs and $8 bottles of smirnoff ice. And of course when you sit in field champ, they come to serve you VIP style and then you can order those delicious artery-clogging fries with chicken fingers! YUM! 😀

I’ll miss the bright lights when you first come into the arena, the feeling of adrenaline when the starters are announced, gametime and all the corny “ball under cap games” we get to play in between innings, the stupid wave that was always bound to erupt, the stomping feet calling for a rally, the feeling of euphoria when a Yankee slugs one out the park, the rush that i feel when i hear Enter Sandman and know that Mo’s about to shut it DOWN, even hi-fiving complete strangers after the game and even congratulating ourselves for a “good game” like we had anything to do with the scoreboard, LOL.

*sigh*…Yankee stadium, i love you with all my heart, and you shall surely be missed…

I can only hope i can create such great memories at the new Yankee Stadium as well. =)

I am even trying to make it to Shea Stadium before it closes as well. I am, of course, not a Mets fan, but i have respect for them and like them as long as they arent playing the Yankees =). I have lots of childhood memories of growing up in Brooklyn and hearing my uncle stress about the Metropolitans cause he is a HUGE fan, and i used to wonder, what the heck is a Metropolitan???, LOL. I have to figure out when to go and it’d better be a day that the Yankees are away cause i am not going to waste a game in NYC on going to Shea stadium (LOL, sorry, no offense). I havent been on the 7 EVER, or at least in a million years. I harly ever go to Queens, EVER, except to visit my fam in Far Rockaway, so that will be an experience…

Anywhoo, i have to head off to work now, but just wanted to check in and yap away. The next blog will be completely baseball related, i promise 😉 Just wanted to check in on a personal tip prior.

SUPPORT the ‘STACHE man!!!

I have voted like a million times! 😀

I cant wait for the All-Star game! Its going to be fun times =)

PS. Great game last night. How about that kid Justin Christian stealing 3rd like that? Gutsy and daring move…i love him already =).

Way to knock the Rays down a notch. I was about tired of hearing of them on darn Sportscenter! Arggghhhh. lol

Have a great day! =)




    Hi Lola,

    Great blog. I have been a Yankee fan for 36 years and my favorite players to date are Thurman Munson, Ron Guidry, Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter. I will to miss the Stadium as I am going to my last game this Saturday against Toronto. Keep on writing since I love to read about the Yankees.

    Anthony Whiteman

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