The west coast trip is OVAH!

And if your name is Alex Rodiguez, you are relieved to be getting the **** out of there!

Yanks win today by a score of 11-8. Bernie went BOOM twice and finished 4-5. I mean amazing is an understatement. I dont think there’s anybody in baseball more beloved than Bernie is to us NYY fans. Everyone in the lineup who’s name isnt Chris Wilson contributed today (and yes, even Alex…he got a hit up the middle and came around later to score!). They certainly made the game quite interesting to watch towards the end. We had Farnsie in the 8th, LOADING THE BASES ON WALKS WHILE GETTING NO OUTS. Ha ha. My poor TV gets screamed at so much, you would have thought it was pitching. Pheww. But off course we got Mo in there to set things straight. But he made it interesting in the 9th too.

Nonetheless, the Yankees win, and thats all that matters, so you can "start spreading the news" cause in the tone of my man John Sterling, The Yankees Win, Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankeees win!! đŸ˜€

And like a little cherry on top my whipped cream sundae, Boston got SWEPT by the Mariners son! Ha ha. How about that! I know some pessimists were suprised. Boston was soooo supposed to sweep Seattle, and we were sooo supposed to be swept by the Angels and we’d be back down to 2.5 game lead by now! Well, Boston actually got swept by the Mariners, and we managed to salvage one game against those Angels (who we cant freaking beat to save out freaking lives), and we leave the west STILL 6.5 games on top. So its like this west coast trip never happened cause we are right where we were after that Boston series. Sure i’d have liked us to capitalize a bit on Boston’s misfortunes in Seattle, but leaving the West with a 6.5 game lead is **** skippy better than a 5.5 lead, or a 4.5 lead, or worst yet, a 2.5 game lead!

And now the elimination number is at 27 =].

Whoever thinks Boston has a chance in **** of winning this division must either expect the Yankees to fold and die in September, or must just be plain delusional.

Anywhoo. We are back HOME and i am glad! Our boys need the rest tommorow and then we play those fiesty Tigers, who actually have been slumping lately, so who knows, maybe we can smack them around for a series win…better our chances at homefield advantage? Cheaah, that’d be nice.

Either way, i’ll be in Yankee stadium on Wednesday, rain or shine, hail or storm, rooting for those boys in pinstripes, cause its always been "all about the boys in Pinstripes." and win or lose, that’d NEVER change.

Tschuss. =]



    Wednesday huh? you’ll be watching Randy Johnson against Wilfredo Ledezma

    hopefully ace Randy shows up and not tired Randy

    Ledezma i think went from Detroit’s bullpen to starter and has not pitched against the Bombers this year yet


    The Yanks are finally pulling it together,BUT, one thing is really bothering me and that’s the play of A-ROD. Now I believe this kid is as good as greatness is but he looks and plays like someone who is forced into somthing they don’t want to do. Look at A-ROD when he’s at the plate, he looks like he wants to be a Yankee about as much as the whole Red Sox nation, and his defense, what is that all about. I know we all have days where we just can’t pull it together but dad burn, what is his problem. The Yankees are somewhat known for blockbuster trades so why not make one ex: trade A-ROD to ST. louis for Scott Rollen and Albert Pujols ( along with a few players here and there, it can be done, then the batting order might look like:
    1B: Albert Pujols

    2B: Robinson Cano

    SS: Derek Jeter

    3B: Scott Rollen

    C: Jorge Posada

    LF: Hideki Matsui

    CF: Johnny Damon

    RF: Bobby Abreau

    DH: Giambi/Sheffield

    Yeah I hear ya but think about it how much worse can Rollen do than A-Rod and Pujols would replace the lost power. Now in reguards to DH they should offer up either Giambi and or Sheffield so as not to impact the farm. I really like A-Rod, Giambi and Sheffield but something has to give and if I’m right A-rod will be gone before next season anyway. Love those Yanks but I like watching players who look like yhey actually enjoy playing no matter if in NY, Boston, or wherever. A-Rod just doesn’t look like he’s happy.


    You’re dreaming, DJ.

    He’s said many times on and off the record he’s not going anywhere until he retires.

  4. Lola

    LOL, i love when people offer up these crazy suggestions of who to trade for. I’ve heard trade for Miguel carbera, albert pujols, vladimir guerroro blah blah blah.
    LOL, no disrespect DJ, but its all silly talk considering, AROD IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The yankees could try all they want to trade him but there is a clause in his contract stating he and only he has the right to dictate this.

    Yankee fans need to learn to love him, just they did other greats who struggled for some time, before him. Yous are stuck with him till 2011! =)

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