I cant believe what is happening!

I honestly thought the Sox would win yesterday. I am so ashamed cause i stopped watching in the 7th inning cause i knew i had to go to bed since i start my new job today and i am nervous/anxious about that already. I wake up now and see that the Yankees won 8-5. I just watched the encore game on ESPeeN and i am so amazed. Dagnabbit! How did i miss this game???? Arghhhhhhhh!!!! I have watched every single Yankee game till the end, i was up for the crazy long Friday double header series, and i missed the ending of possibly the most classic. Ah well. David Ortiz after the game looked like he wanted to cry. Awwwww, anybody wanna hand Big Papi cuddly teddy bear a tissue?? ****. During his after game interview, he said "its not fair man, these guys are not playing around..they should have let us win one game to make it interesting". ****. Ok, ok, i’m nice and i kinda feel bad for the sawx fans a little teeny weeny bit. I mean, they are pretty bummed out. Boston takes this to heart like forreal forreal…not that we dont (cause obviously, i am the most obsessed), but they are on another level, ha ha. Maybe we should have let them win one game, cause i’m scared of people jumping off bridges in Boston today. Geez!

Has Boston really lost 4 in a row??? Wow. I cant believe this. My cheese is sooooooooo wide right now, i am like this –> 😀 lol. What a great weekend! Moved into my new awesome apt, went on an awesome date, starting my new awesome (i hope!) job, and my Yanks have played freaking A awesome baseball. It doesnt matter what happens today. We have like in my eyes, a 75% chance of winning tonight’s game and sweeping the Sox. But i am not even beat if they dont, cause we leave Boston at least 4.5 games up regardless and that has me freaking spazzing the **** out!!!

I am skipping all the way to work today :-D. Thanks Yanks for potentially healing my first day butterflies a bit. I love my team soooooo much!!!!

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