More reasons to hate ESPN.

They have pretty much proved to be avid red sox homers. But geez, can they at least do it with some tact? Their blatant picking on the yanks is getting ridiculous. Their reporting is sooo biased its ridiculous. If the Yanks win a one run game, they "managed to squeak by". If the Sox win a one run game, they "held on, battled and conquered".

The anti ARod tirade is more sickening.

Before the current series, they posted these comments in the power rankings.

3 3 Yankees 70-48 From his mostly ice-cold bat to his shoddy play in the field, A-Rod is pretty much a negative factor for the Yanks.

For the Sox they post,

8 8 Red Sox 69-50 We’re predicting a big moment (or two or perhaps even three) from Big Papi this weekend at Fenway.

Are these people serious? I am not even going to get angry anymore cause i am really letting them get to me and i shouldnt. But have they been watching at all? How/why is ARod a negative factor? A guy that’s batted the second most homers, most runs in, and second most winning runs in the league is a negative factor?

I am seriously starting to realize any negative backlash against Alex was brought on and powered and fueled by ESPN. For most they are the "voice of reason" and its definitely easy to take what they say at face value since they are the most established sports network, but i really hope people would step outside the box for a second and examine the facts without regard to the stuff being rammed down their throats every night.

The only reason i still watch ESPN is to catch up with highlights around the majors, and cause my favorite recent ex-Yankee, Tino Martinez, is a Baseball Tonite Analyst. I pretty much put the TV on mute when Steve Phillips, Tim Kurkjian, Bob Klapisch and co are speaking. Especially Steve Phillips. I have never been more disgusted with a group of people in my life.

Hey ESPN, how does it feel now that the Yanks have battered your Sox in the first 3 games of this 5 game set and the worst that they could do now is leave Fenway with a 2.5 game lead. Awww, no David Ortiz walk off orgasms for you all. Poor Steve and co, you must be miserable! *passes tissue*

What a bunch of wankers.



    Great blog. At least ESPN knows that the Yanks exist. As an Angel fan the only way we ever get mentioned at all is if we have a brawl or we knock the yanks out of the playoffs (no disrespect). Good luck the rest of the season. Hope to see you in October.

  2. Isaiah

    Hey, get this: at the beggining of the year, 3 out of the 10 or so people polled at ESPN (sportswriters, analysts, etc.) predicted a certain Red Sox pitcher to win the Cy Young.

    And no, it’s not Curt Schilling. It’s their number two starter, whos ERA is somewhere between 5 and 6. Josh Beckett.

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