Talk about bursting my bubble…

The Mitchell Report.

Today/yesterday has had to be one of the most depressing days for true baseball fans everywhere, irregardless of what team you support. But for me especially, having my favorite pitcher EVER, Andy Pettitte, be implicated by the Mitchell investigation has been a bit too much for me to swallow : (.

Right now, my emotions range from disbelief to anger to hurt to confused. I do not know what to think at this point. I’m just not a happy camper overall…

As we all know by now, big names were implicated by this…from Miguel Tejada, to Gregg Zaun, to Paul Lo Duca, to Eric Gagne, to Jay Gibbons, to Jose Guillen, to Gary Matthews Jr, etc…i mean, we’re talking MAJOR names… but to me, none more major than these two…

Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens.


At this time yesterday, i was getting ready to celebrate the fact that my current favorite player Alex Rodriguez, was going to be signing a record breaking contract 10yr / $275 million contract with my favorite team, and I was going to be in baseball heaven. I mean, what better way to cap off the drama that had been the New York Yankees since our 1st round demise from the post season for the second year in a row?

In October…it seemed like being a Yankee fan had to be the most depressing thing in the world…everything was falling apart. Our beloved manager, Joe Torre, left us to go to our rival, The Dodgers…our best hitter, A-Rod opts out of his contract during the world series…we didnt know if Mo, Jorge or Andy would be back…and everything was just in disarray for us yet again. But then everything started coming together. We got a new manager we actually love. Each player we had questions about re-signed back with the team, we were in active pursuit of some pretty good pitchers, and as a fabulous cherry on top our best hitter and the greatest player in baseball, was going to be a Yankee for what seemed like forever (10yrs)…and all was right with the world. I was breathing a sigh of relief again, and felt like i was back in at least, partial baseball heaven.

But now, i feel like i am in baseball h*ll :-/ *sigh*

Honestly…I dont even know what to feel at this point.
On one hand, i want to say that the Mitchell investigation is bulls*t. To gather vocal testimony from two men facing a criminal conviction, and possibly with hidden agendas of their own, with no possibility of them being cross examined, sounds like a load of crap!

But then on the other hand…i’ve been reading this report…(and holy smokes is this crap long…and oh, should i mention quite “juvenile”…come on…millions was spent on this, and yet this is what we get? Even lowly analyst i can write a waaaayyy better report than this!! And i wont charge more than five hundred thousand!!)…and well, the evidence against some, especially Roger Clemens is quite damning. I dont know if i can really throw this out the window as c r a p…some of this stuff sounds too real to be made up.

And i am really sad about Roger ….I mean…i’ve not been the hugest Roger Clemens fan in the world, but I’ve always recognized and praised the man as the greatest pitcher of my era. And now for this to come out…i mean, even if some of this isnt true (and i’m sure not all of it is), his reputation, much like Barry Bonds’, will be forever tainted by this. As a great fan of the great sport of baseball, to watch both the greatest hitter and pitcher of my generation “go down” in such fashion, is ultimately the most depressing thing i have had to endure as a baseball and probably overall, sports fan.

As for Andy…he seems to only be implicated for one season..the 2002 season. He’s never tested positive for any of that stuff, and its been 5 years now, so there’s no way to really have concrete proof. Call this hypocritical, BUT, i have absolutely no love lost for him. Even if the whole world points fingers at him and calls him guilty, without a positive test result in front of me, i will still have his back. He still remains …my beloved Andy Pettitte.

Overall, the report seems to not be a very credible source, especially with the fact that some major names that were suspected initially were left out (where is Sammy Sosa in all of this??), and you know as a Yankees fan, I question why there are no Red Sox players on this other than Mo Vaughn. But majorly because this was a report from testimony gathered by two men who are facing criminal charges and could possibly have second agendas of their own. There are no positive tests being presented to us…just word of mouth. But whether credible or not, this definitely has dealt us all a big blow and put the sport that i love into the limelight in the worst way possible…

Its gonna be quite hard to move forward from this, and at this point, i am not sure we will be able to do so for a long long time. We are always gonna have a crooked eye when we look at players stats from now on…everyone seems to be guilty until proven innocent. This has not done well for the sport of baseball at all…

But then again…I know MLB is not alone. The NFL and the NBA are right there with us… its a sad day in sports in general.


I’m off from work today, and i was supposed to be studying for GMATs…but I dont think i will really be able to do much of that today…I’ve been glued to ESPN/YES/Sportscenter/ blogs around the web all morning, and i dont see that changing anytime soon…even though i must say, ESPN analysts make me sick and i am tired of hearing their “expert” analysis (especially Steve Phillips…i cant stand his guts!), but still, i cant seem to stop watching… maybe I’ll soon get so sick of it i wont be able to bear the sound of their voice…but for now, i’m glued in.

*sigh*…what a depressing day…




    just concentrate, Lola, on A-Rod being back with the Bombers; can you imagine how much offense would have been lost without A-Rod’s bat? now that would have been something to be depressed about



    Hey, Lola. Don’t know if you remember me from Mark Feinsand’s blog or not, but I thought I’d drop you a quick note. Cheer up over this. It’s not the big deal the media is making it out to be. These are allegations without a whole lot of proof behind them, just McNamee’s word.

    However, Pettitte did just admit to trying HGH in 2002 to try and recover from injury faster. He says he just used it for 2 days, though. I believe him. So, cheer up. Roger is long gone anyway. Like levelboss said, look forward to the fact that we have A-Rod back to drive our offense and a clean Pettitte back to strengthen the pitching staff.

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