A not so very exciting year in sports.

Hello All. It’s been quite a while since i last wrote on here…

…before i begin, i’d like to send my deepest condolences to the family of pitcher Joe Kennedy who passed away yesterday…

Joe was a free agent currently, but in his career had played for the Devil Rays, Rockies, Athletics, Diamondbacks and Blue Jays. The cause of death has yet to be determined, but he died after passing out at his in-laws at the very young age of 28 years old.
He was just 28! : ( Its of course devastating when anyone dies, but when its someone this young and around my age, it hits me a bit harder. My prayers are especially with his wife and 1-yr old son. May he rest in peace.


On to today’s topic: the blah year of sports for me.

This has not been quite my year in sports. The Rutgers Football team started off with a bang, but quickly turned up with a 5-4 record, losing to West Virginia in a very disappointing 31-3 butt-whooping. Now we managed to pull to 7-4 with a game left to play against Louisville, but the damage is already done. For one, we are no longer ranked, which really blows, cause i really quite enjoyed being ranked last year. My only consolation however is that our division rivals and arch nemesis Louisville is also having a TERRIBLE year, even worse that us 😀 They are 5-6 overall and 2-4 in Big East! There is some justice in the world, LOL. Now, i dont usually gloat at other team’s failures, but Louisville gloats so much at us, that i dont really feel bad for this.

Anyway, the Giants are my only real *bright* spot so far in sports, but the Cowboys are distracting me from that a bit by pulling away from us with a record of 10-1 compared to our 7-3. Urgghh, stupid cowboys! Whatever.

Then, as we all know, i was pretty much depressed about the Yankees first round elimination yet again, that i didnt even have much words to say. Then the drama started like it always does when these things happen for the Yankees.

I have to say that i was quite sad to see Joe Torre go, and especially unhappy (although happy for him) when i saw him putting on that Dodgers hat :-(. So i that never really played into any rivalries, now officially hate the Dodgers, although i still love Torre.

Eh, such is life in baseball.

All is not bad though, because as you probably guessed, i am excited to the nth power that Alex is gonna be back with us next year!! Woo-hooo!!! And of course, him winning MVP was a no-brainer! I am also quite excited that Mo accepted a 3 yr contract and will be back. And Jorge too!! (and i am keeping my fingers crossed for Andy…)

As for Girardi…I’ve always loved him but sorta felt he wasnt quite ready to manage the Yankees. I expected Donnie baseball before him, but now that its him there, i’ve gotta do nothing but get behind him and the new coaching staff and support them and hope they will be up to the challenge.

I think collectively, we need to simmer down a bit with the cry for number #27 and just focus on rebuilding for now. I know some might think since the team will still be mostly all the same, no rebuilding needs to be done, but there are gonna be some changes, especially with a new manager. Some of the players (i.e. Jeet, Jorge and Mo) have only had one manager their entire playing career and would now have to get used to the styles and mannerisms of an entirely new one. Thats a huge change, and i am not sure how long it will take to adjust, but i know i wont be putting much pressure on the team next year, I think for once, i’m just going to try to enjoy baseball games and being a fan of the team and players instead of some cutthroat championship chase. And i know that sounds crazy to say coming from a competitive Yankee fan like myself, but i remember my high school soccer coach once telling me that sometimes, winning is not everything when you let your hunger for wins take away from the fun of playing the game. I sorta started to forget the fun aspects of the game some times this year, and really would love to recapture that next year.

Which of course is not to say i dont want them to do well. Of course, you always want your team to be the best…its only natural. I’m just saying if they dont win it next year, like they didnt this year, it wont quite be the end of the world, and i’ll still love them regardless. =)

Hope everyone’s having a lovely off-season. Take care!! =)



  1. Rick

    It’ll all be good this year; keep the faith.
    You’re spot-on right about Louisville fans! They’re so ridiculous. They brag all the time down here in Louisville, where I live.

    I kind of liken them to Red Sox fans, in that no matter how how many championships or good years that they have, they’re still ALWAYS going to be the University of Kentucky’s “little” brother. Just like the Red Sox will ALWAYS be the Yankees’ “little” brother.

    Have a GREAT Holiday season!



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