I am going to get my wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How perfect is it that everything i wished for might be happening?? I actually only wished for two things:

– Dont clinch on a school night, so i can celebrate.

– If we do clinch on a school night, please dont let it be Tuesday.

Well, Wednesday is my ONLY non school night (except for the weekends), and guess what, WITH A WIN BY US OR A LOSS BY THE SOX TOMMOROW WE CLINCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, i want to do the cabbage patch, and the cotton eyed joe, but i’ll save it for tommorow when it happens. 😀

You probably wonder why so excited? Its not like this is a rarity in Yankee Universe to win the East. Well, its simple…i realize no one in baseball is entitled to a thing. Just because we seem to make it every year doesnt mean we dont have to work **** hard for it. Baseball can be crazy. Winning the AL East for the 9th year in a row, it’s a testament to how phenomenal this ball club is. What’s not to celebrate?

Plus i am a festive person. Heck, i celebrate the first day of school. LOL. Clinching tommorow, i’ll breathe a sigh of relief. The baseball season is a very long and grueling one, so its always a good time when you can get a mini break by clinching early and get an early start on prepping for the post season. And why not? Like i need an excuse to celebrate the Yankees? Ha ha, i’m a walking Yankee celebration anyway.

Let’s Go Yankeees!!!!!!!!!! 😀


A testament to how OLD the ARod topic is the fact i wont even discuss the article on here. (if you have been paying attention, you already know i have Alex’s back 123% – i really wish some other player could be caught out with a prostitute or something, so sportswriters can find someone else to pick on and write about since it seems they are just bored now…the issue is so incredibly overexposed, all i can do is *yawn*. Although, the article was well written).

I do have to stop and appreciate this work of art for what its worth.


Gosh, this man’s a stud. Yes Alex, you are incredibly, ridiculously good looking. You can say that again! God bless your parents!

I’ll stop drooling now :-p ha ha. (what??? I am a girl, aren’t I? Come on, i’m allowed!).


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