Yankees take me on a rollercoaster ride, Mets clinch, etc.

Pheww, that was way too close for comfort. I knew all those walks in our top of the 9th would come in handy. 7-3 and we squeak out of there 7-6. See what happened in the bottom of the 9th? Thats what makes me miss the **** out of Mo. Gosh! 4 guys, and they all looked like they were trying to make me run a bat through my TV. ha ha.

Oh well, its OVAH! Guess what?


Woo hopoo! Looks like i May just get my wish of clinching this thing on Wednesday! 😀 *doing the cabbage patch*

Let’s Go Yankees!!!!!!!!

The Mets finally clinch!!!

I am happy for them! Finally they clinch the darn thing! lol. I like this Mets team…David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran…all worked so hard and seemed so eager. And i cant forget goodold Willie. He’s definitely Manager of the Year in the NL in my eyes. They all deserve it. I’m excited and looking forward to bringing the subway series back to NY!

This year is all about the NYC baby!!! 😉


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