Yankees vs Tigers. 8/30 game 2.

I had a lot more pictures than this, but unfortunately, i accidently deleted a bunch of pics from my camera =(. These are the few i could salvage from last night’s game when i realized i had accidently selected "all delete". Ah well.
Hope you all like em nonetheless. =]
I had a great time at the game…well at least for the first 8 and 2/3 innings ha ha, But whats new, i always have fun at the game!

These are from ESPN Zone, my favorite hangout spot in the city =].

That’s all folks! =]


  1. falejandro_student@hotmail.com

    Cool pics. All of mine from when I went to the Yankees v. Angels game came out so distant. I need to buy a new camera.

  2. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Nice pix, Lola.

    By the way, I can’t stand those negative ninnies Kasey or Russ/Sam either.

    I’m supposed to go to Saturday’s game on the 2nd, but the weather isn’t looking good.

  3. levelboss@levelboss.com

    excellent pics, Lola (you’re quite photogenic i gotta say)

    my favorite picture is tier box neighbors, because that point of view helps me to visiualize what it would be like to sit in Yankee Stadium

    (how nice it must be to have the option of going to Yankee Stadium during the season; i’m on the West Coast and would have to consider a flight and a hotel in order to do that)

  4. Lola

    thanks for the pic compliments guys! glad yous liked em =]

    Level, i dont know what i’d do when i go for biz school in cali…being away from yankee stadium for that long will be a feeling i’d definitely have to prepare for. lol

  5. Lola

    i’ll certainly apply there! I wish! I certainly hope. lol..
    i dont know who’s gonna accept me yet, but i will be applying to berkeley, stanford, ucla, usc, irvine, pepperdine…basically, a bunch of cali schools, lol. I have decided i have to go to school in Cali (unless off course, some school in another state gives me a full ride, then i’d be silly not to take it).

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