My favorite cleft chinned guy in the world is back!!!


I am stuck at the airport in miserably cold Des Moines, Iowa (dont ask…work travel), and i I just logged on to ESPN and discovered that my favorite ex-Yankee ever,

Andy Pettitte

is going to be a Yankee again!!

He just signed a ONE YEAR $16M deal to come back to the boogie down BRONX! Ok, i wont get greedy and say i wished it were more than one year, i am just so glad to have him back at all!!!

OMG, this is the best news EVER!!!! I LOVE Andy to pieces!!! I am sooooooooooooooo happy! I cant wait to see him in Florida in March at Spring Training!! Woo hoo!!




    It’s like a freaking dream. I never thought he would come back. I guess anything can happen!!! I’m so excited; this is awesome!


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    PS – So happy about the return of the chin (Pettitte).


    The man with the best glare in major league baseball…

    I was SO excited when news of this came out! How awesome is it to have Andy back?!?! It’s not just his pitching skill, but his presence and determination will make a difference in the Yankee season.


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