Eeeer, today’s (and yesterday’s) game never happened.

Or so i tried to convince myself as i sat there gritting my teeth while watching our guys play like they just learned how to play the game last week.

And now the D is 0.5 games ahead of us as they also celebrate clinching a playoff spot.

With 6 games left, there’s still a chance for Minnesota to get past them (they currently trail 1.5). I keep my fingers crossed, cause i think we definitely could handle Detroit in the ALDS. Not like i dont think we can handle the Twins, but i’d much rather Detroit.

I’m cutting 2 classes to go to my final game of the regular season on Tuesday. *tear* I cant believe this season is almost over. *sigh* countdown to my BWS illness again (baseball withdrawal syndrome).

Let’s hope the Bombers give us something (*cough* #27) to smile about in the winter.

Meanwhile, my boy is KILLING em out there!

I am pleased. =)

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