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The Mets.

Wow, i’d really be sad if the Mets dont pull it together and miss the playoffs. 😦

Come on Mets, you can do it!

Ok, thats all i’ve to say for tonite. Back to watching the game. Farnsie just came in. He’s hot =)

Notes on division vs wildcard: We all know it’d be pretty swell to win the division, but as long as we are in, after this heck of a season we’ve had, thats all that matter to me. Hey, maybe God wants us to win the Wild Card so we may follow theme with 3 of the last 6 World Series winners being Wild Card =). Who knows.


Raise your champagne glasses!! This deserves a toast :-D

We did it guys!!! Or should i say, they did it. Heck, we all did it :-D.



I am sooo proud of our guys!! These pictures bring forreal tears into my eyes. I swear, i wouldnt trade ANYTHING in the world for being a Yankee fan :D. I love this team and this sport so much more than words can describe. Through the ups and downs that this team has been through, especially this year, i will always be proud of them.

After the game ended last night, it was like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I immediately reached for my phone, called up a few friends to scream in their ears, and then sent a tex message to each Yankee fan in my phone book. Word for word, here’s what the text message said:

“Congratulations to all my Yankee fan friends!! 😀 We are officially in with our win tonite! Remember being down 14.5 games? They (ESPN bum analysts especially) said we’d never make it but look at us now!! In your face, Steve Phillips (cant stand him). Its been a long tough season, but we made it through!! Now lets get that #27!! Yahhh!!! :-D”

That text says it all.

What a roller coaster ride this season has been. Man, i thought it couldnt get tougher than last year, but this season knocked me upside the head!! Wow. Can you imagine at one point we were beneath the Devil Rays??? But yet, i never lost faith in my team. I did have some times in the year when my optimism levels were at all time lows, but in the end, optimism wins again!! 😀

Man, i’m proud of these guys. Everyone…from B. Cash to the skipper Joe, to all the young guys that stepped up, to Posada, to Jeet, to Deki, to Bobby, my Andy, Alex, Robbie, Mo, Farnsie, Melky, man…everybody!! Even Scottie before he left (i miss him :-()….i’m soooo proud of all these guys!!!

But this is only the beginning. We still have a lot of work to do because in true Yankee tradition, we always strive for excellence, and nothing less. You’ve gotta take baby steps of course, but in the end, our goal is number 27.

I’m gonna take it a day at a time till then. Just enjoy it as it comes. =)

Everyday just became a celebration!!!

Let’s Go Yankees!!!

Time for those magic numbers again!

Last night’s game was pretty draining, frustrating, roller coaster ride. Just like the night before it. But we prevailed, same night the Sox clinched a berth in the postseason. Good for them.
Our magic number for the wild card now stands at 3. Three more wins and we are in the post season as well. Just 3 more wins out of 8 games left and we are good to go. Well, 3 wins from us or 3 losses from the Tigers. Ok, i’m not saying this right, LOL, what i mean is a combination that equals 3 of wins by us or losses by the Tigers clinches us a post season berth! There, i think i finally got the terminology right. Ha ha. Phewww. Every year, the magic number thing hurts my head. And you’d think it’d be different with me being a math dork, eh. LOL. Too much math hurts your brain cells. Stay away from Math folks! lol, j/k.

Ok, so the Angels need one more game to clinch a playoff berth. If there’s any team i DON’T want to face in the post season, its them. So what do we need to do to avoid them at all costs? LOL. I’m not all that afraid of the Sox and neither am i of the Indians. Actually, C.C. scares me a bit, but thats it. Speaking of which, i’m kind of proud of the Indians team for winning the division this year. I really really dont like the Tigers (well, after last year, lol), so glad to see them on their way to being knocked off upside their head.

As for the Mets, in a strange "hometown love" kind of way, i am rooting for them. I dont really have a big problem with the Mets has i have said before. Actually, most Yankee fans dont have a big problem with the Mets. Its the Mets fans that have problems with the Yankees, which i have deduced with a LOT of them stems from an inferiority complex, or maybe a rebellious need to stand up to the "big bad winning team". LOL. I have lots of Mets fans friends. We tease each other back and forth, but in the end, its all love. I love the team they have for the most part (except for Pedro and Lo Duca). How could i hate of David Wright and Jose Reyes?? I love those guys, they are great! Then good ol Willie Randolph…13 of his 18 playing seasons as a beloved Yankee…and i love what he does as a manager. How could i hate that team?? The only time i’d root against the Mets is if they are playing against us or if a positive outcome for them will affect us in anyway. Otherwise, go Mets! Lets hope they manage to hold on and keep those Phillies away!

Its gonna be a very exciting week of baseball to say the very least! I’ll be watching!! =)

*sniff sniff*

Do you smell that???

Smells awfully to me like…eer, i dont know…maybe…


Ha ha :-D.
Bucky effing Dent yo!!! 😀

‘Member him? 😉

Alright alright, i wont get too cocky or make to count my chicken before they hatch.
But if this happens, YOU CANT SAY I DIDNT TELL U SOOOOOO!! The eternal optimist wins again 😀

Man, there are only 10 games left in the regular season. I guarantee you i will be on the edge of my seat with my fingers crossed for each one. Phewwww. I love that with the Indians sweeping the Tigers, we almost almost have the wild card in the bag, BUT, in true Yankee fashion, i am greedy and i want the best. I WANT THE DIVISION!!!

Let’s Go Yankees!!!!

PS. Mo, I really truly love you with all my heart, but please please please stop tryna give this 24 yr old a heart attack! I beg of you! LOL.

PPS. And people wonder why i love Andy Pettitte. *dreamy eyed* lol. Thanks to this image and the brilliant stud that he is on the diamond, i’ll sleep well tonite 😉

Congrats on 200 Andy!!!! =)

I’ll crawl out of my hole to say this…

MVP Anyone? 😉

2 homeruns in one inning? Who does that?? *smirk* 😉


Losing 2 out of 3 to the D-Rays was not the business, but taking 2 out of 3 from the Mariners was =). 3 atop the WC and we got the Royals coming in. Now, i’ve learned to stay humble and never underestimate any team in this sport. But i’ve just gotta say, its gonna be an exciting home stretch and i cant wait to watch it all unfold.

Let’s Go Yankees!!! 😀

I love you Joba!! :-D

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…and Andy… 😀

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…and Johnny D too!! 😀

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Good game/win last night. Lets do it again today =)! What a terrible road trip we just had. I am so ready to put it behind us and face this stretch like the champions we know we are.
And oh, Moose skipped for next start. I kinda didnt think Joe was gonna do that too him even though we definitely need it, but ah well. Whatever works! Its crunch time boys! Lets do this!! =)

Go Yankees!!!! 😀

Alas, i do pay for this blog…

…so i probably should use it more!! lol

I myself cant even fathom my laziness these days anymore. Its not like i am not keeping up with the world of Yankees baseball, alas, i’m stil very much a fanatic. But when it comes to updating my blog, i fall flat and the wind of laziness blows over me. lol. I keep telling myself i will do better. But i think i need to stop lying to myself. I dont know if my updates will ever be consistent again until playoff time. lol. Speaking of playoffs…how bout them Yankees, uh? 😉

Anywhooo, was at the game the other day. The game when Jeff Karstens attempted to pitch. Alas, it was a miserable attempt at pitching, as we all know. Between him and the bullpen, we got blown out 12-0. Poor kid. I always root for the youngins, but i just couldnt get behind Jeff on this one. I heard he’s back in triple A. Give it some more time Jeffie. Come back when u’re really ready.

Here are some pictures i took =). CLICK TO ENLARGE.


attempting to pitch…


At-bat pitcures are easily my favorite. Here’s my favorite player Matsui getting ready to smoke one (and he hit a single).


RIP The Scooter . You shall never be forgotten.


Hey, a lil somthing for u to chew on ! tee hee, i ❤ how this pic came out!!


I think this is one of my favorite pictures i’ve ever taken.
Its at least in my top 10. I spent a lot of time editing this shot to
get it just how i wanted. I think it looks so very editorial, like one of those Nike
commercials. I ❤ it!! We thought this guy was hot, so i was
sneaking shots of him. Thank God for super zoom, lol. Anyway, it took
some concentration to get this focus right, cause i wanted to keep the
focus on just him. I think i did pretty well =)


I love taking pictures of the little factoids. =) A lil Robbie Jose trivia for ya!!


I like those lil factoids, like i said before =)


A-Rod at-bat.



Now this pic is definitely a favorite.
I loved the little boy’s MoHawk, and so i wanted a pic. But he was moving
around too much, so i just had to keep flicking till i got a good angle
and voila!!! I ❤ this picture to pieces.


It was my friend Myriam’s (left) first Yankees game. I felt bad she had to come on a day they got beat so bad, but she still had fun!!! =)


Cyn, Me and Myriam enjoying ourselves despite being whooped 9-0 at this point.

Ok, thats all i have.
I have like 5 more games before season ends. So more pics soon =).
(PS. If you are wondering, yes i do take pictures sorta professionally, but no i am not a professional photog – i am a number crunching analyst bum, lol. I just have professional equipment and a very avid interest in photography. I carry 3 different lenses around with me, ha ha. I have a super zoom lens, which is why i can zoom so clearly on the field. All these pics were taken from way up in Tier Reserve seats).