I just have to say…i really just cant believe the Cubs made the playoffs!!

What is this, like the twilight zone? The NL is wild wild wild right now.

The freaking Cubs made the playoffs. Yes, thats right, those bottom feeding Cubs are on top this year. Lou Pinella must feel quite accomplished. Remember the Cubbies last year? Yeah, me neither. Thats cause they didnt make a sound. Ha ha. And guess who’s not going to the playoffs in that division: The Cards. Wow. What a year.

The NL is wild. The D-Backs clinched a playoff spot also last night. That means even if the Pads were to zoom past them for the division, they will clinch the Wild Card. So all hopes the Mets have right now is the division.

Wow, i never thought we’d be having this conversation. I am really sad for the Mets :-(. See, i am a compassionate person, cause seeing the long faces of my Mets fans friends made me sad, while i’m sure if it were the Yankees in this position, they’d be taunting me like they did last year when we fell to Detroit. But i dont have a problem with the Mets, never did. I might joke that they are the second class team, the lil brother than hopes he can catch up to big brother, lol, but otherwise, its all love. Our colors might be different and our logos differently shaped, but in the end, we rep the same city, New York City.

I really really really hope God performs a miracle in the form of the Mets winning the last two games and the Phillies losing theirs and the Mets winning the division. Or the Mets winning next 2 and Phillies losing 1 and then they have to play a tie-breaker and Mets win.  Or even, the Phillies may lose their next 2 and the Mets win just one and then there’s a tie breaker. 3 possible scenarios there, God please make one of them happen! The Mets can’t NOT go to the playoffs. That’d be horrible!! *crosses fingers*



Well, back to the AL.

Last night’s loss was dumb. I watched the entire game, and thats all i’ve gotta say about it. Thank God i didnt watch it with too much emotion or i’d be pissed right now. It was definitely a game we should have won to say the least. But i’m not mad at you, Mo, these things happen. Just dont let it happen in the playoffs.

Our loss last night enabled the Sawx to clinch the AL East title, their first since ’95. Wow, congrats to them for finally breaking the loser second place spell. Haha. No biggie there. I admit i was kinda sad to watch our magical run of 9 straight division titles come to an end….I’d be lying to say we didnt want the division, but let me reiterate, after such a tough season in which many ruled us out of the running as early as May and virtually all summer, i am just glad we made it in. And you know, we made the Sox squirm while we did it. Going from being 14.5 games to now just 2 games behind, i think thats tremendous. We might have lost the division, but we didnt go out like *******. We gave those Sawx a run for their money, so i am content and proud of my guys =)

And now that we got all that out the way, we can settle down and prepare for the postseason. Man am i glad we dont get to see those Angels in the first round. Certainly not taking anything away from the Indians, but i’ve said it time and time again, the Angels are the only team that has succeeded in puting the fear of Jesus in me in this decade of baseball. Do i need to go back to the post seasons we’ve had and crumbled to them? I’d rather not. Please Red Sox, you can have those Angels! Please whoop their ***** for us 😉 ha!

This is the most exciting time in baseball, but at the same time, sad. Exciting cause its the postseason, duh! But sad times cause i am reminded of the long winter to come when i’d have to do without my Yankees baseball. Thats when i survive on watching encore games and Yankeeography while nursing my disease that i have termed BWS. Yes, i “started” a disease, lol. BWS = Baseball Withdrawal Syndrome. It hits me hard, man! This disease is no joke. BWS is a very serious disease, one not to be taken lightly! Symptoms include, nervous twitching, restlessless, continously flipping channels hoping to find something worth watching now that baseball is off, getting misty eyed everytime ESPN shows reels from the previous season, watching all programming on YES like a loser, searching Getty Images and Wire Images tryna find out what the Yankees have been up to in their personal time, and it goes on.

Anywhoo, we still have a month of exciting post season baseball left before BWS rears its ugly head. And lets hope this is the year the Yankees actually give me something to be happy about this off season. Yes, the chase for #27 is officially on again. =)

Let’s Go Yankees!!!!!! 😀



  1. Jason

    Lola, I say this not as criticism but encouragement, but I’d focus on the fact that the Yankees have some significant baseball coming up, that there’s nothing like October baseball, and that a lot of good can and will happen between now and the advent of your anticipated BWS. It’s been good therapy for me to accentuate the positive, and there’s been a lot from this season to treasure, with lots more to come.

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