This is the funniest thing i’ve seen all year!! :-D

Just goes to show how absolutely ridiculous the New York mainstream media (post, dailynews etc) can be when it comes to A-Rod. ha ha. I cant believe people believe whats in these papers like as if they are a credible source. Psssh.

But isnt it ironic that this is on ESPN, who are the kings and queens of lacking objectivity especially when it comes to the Yankees and A-Rod? Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, lol. In any case, its really funny!

A-Rod is a marked man

Have you heard the latest about Alex Rodriguez?

Well, if you haven’t, the venerable New York Post is more than willing to fill you in.

It sure seems as though the folks there are out to get A-Rod. Just look at some of the stories they considered for Page 1.

Kurt Snibbe is an artist for Page 2. You can contact him here.




    That is so funny. I am sick of the way he is treated by the media. He has done stupid things over the years but does anyone really deserve all this?? I dont think so.

  2. Jason

    Hilarious stuff, Lola, great visuals as always. As before on the pop-up, if this were any other player, we wouldn’t have had this discussion. If it were a different legend of the game, people would have written reams of flattering prose on his genius and willingness to win. Because it’s A-Rod, a media pariah and target, he’s a villain. Stupid.


    Hey, these are too much. I won’t be surprised to see them on the news stands next week.

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