Some quotes from the New York teams weekend games…

…both of us (Yanks, Mets) were supposed to clinch, we didnt. Here are some quotes i liked, cause i am

"Sooner or later, we are going to clinch this thing," – Johnny Damon, after the last loss yesterday. (****, no sh’t).

"There’s no glory here, It doesn’t make us happy, at all. Our goal this year was to win the division and we didn’t accomplish it, barring a miracle." – Kevin Youkilis after the Sox took 3 out of 4 from Yanks. (lol, tell that to your teams fans who all of a sudden think this means the Yanks sweeping you in August was a glitch. LOL).

"I’m not frustrated. We are a little disappointed we didn’t get it done,"  – Willie Randolph, after getting swept by the Pirates, leaving the magic number still at 1.

"It’s frustrating — just taking away all the circumstances — to come in here and get swept." – David Wright (well, he’s frustrated, lol).

"When we heard that they had their party planned for this town, we took it kind of personally. We were like, Man, everybody just thinks we’re going to roll over when they come in here." – Zach Duke, on why the Pirates played the Mets so hard. (not in our town, they said, with fingers snapping, eyes rolling and all. ****).

"It seems like every time we face a lefty, we don’t get on base."  – Carlos Beltran, after the loss. (lol, i hope the other teams are taking notes…especially the Yanks, if they will be a subway series..).

"I love Derek Jeter!" – David Ortiz, still trying to save face after the negative backlash due to his statements on September 10th  :-D.

"We didn’t play well today." – Derek Jeter, after the double loss. (****…i love our captain, even when he states the obvious! lol).

"When it happens, it happens. We’ll enjoy it and look to the postseason. With the guys we have, I don’t think we care where we clinch." – Jaret Wright, on clinching the division. (good point Jaret!).



    i find it interesting that both New York teams didn’t clinch this weekend. in a weird way, i feel better. it’s like clinch time for both was meant to happen this week.

  2. Lola

    yes, i know…weird uh?…i’m actually very happy that both new york teams are doing so well…
    thats how its supposed to be, New York, New York! =)

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