So the Sox took 3 out of 4 and we didn’t clinch..

Big freaking deal. I’m actually quite excited that it happened that way, for my own selfish reasons…you know why? CAUSE THAT MEANS THEY CANT CLINCH TUESDAY! Woohooo! :-D. The Sox have an off day today, so even if we win today, The Sox number will be 3 and Toronto’s 1. If we win Tuesday and the Sox lose, then Toronto will be eliminated and the Sox magic number will be 1. Then, with either a win by us, or a loss by the Sox on Wednesday, WE WILL CLINCH!!!!!!!!

Yes, i know i am betting on us winning 2 and the Sox losing 2 for this to happen. But its highly probable, isnt it? The Sox are playing the Twins, so we know they (the twins) will play them hard. And i think we certainly can take 2 out of 3 from the Blue Jays. Yes, i know we just lost 3 to the Sox, but besides the fact we didnt even take these as serious (i.e resting our big stars a lot, like you are supposed to anyway), those games lacked as much momentum as this post season push has lacked since the Sox’s freefall. Plus, sans the big inning caused by Coco being called safe at first, when he clearly ran out of the baselines, we would have split. But i’m not one to cry over umpires calls, cause they get it wrong all the time, whether in our favor or against. I understand that their job is tough, and we at home have the luxury of instant replay, so i dont fault them entirely too much (except when its really obvious a play should have gone one way and it went the other). Let’s just hope they get their acts together in the playoffs.

Anywhoo, i am really hoping that they clinch this thing on Wednesday. It would be the perfect day cause i have NO SCHOOL on Wednesdays. I’ll just leave straight from work to ESPN Zone and get ready to pop some bottles. I know that place will be so packed with other Yankee hopefuls, so it will be a **** good time.

Thursday would ****, cause i have class till 9…but i guess i can join in on the celebrations afterwards (cause off course i’ll be gamedaying both games in class to know the outcomes. Shhhh, don’t tell my professors :-p. lol).


Just a quick note,

Sometimes, i wish i could just enjoy being a Yankee fan without this whole red sox rivalry thing looming over my head. I’ve always said it, time and time and again, being a Yankees fan means far more to me than some stupid rivalry ever will, and for the most part, i dont even pay much attention to the rivalry. I see them as a team we have to beat to get to the playoffs, just like i see Toronto as a team we have to beat to get to the playoffs. Or the Twins. Or the Devil Rays. Point is, a win or a loss against them counts exactly the same as a win or a loss against any other team. I dont go to bed thinking of what the Sox are doing, except off course when it means they are close to us in the standings, or would have an impact on us in anyway. I’d react the same way if it were the Jays or the Orioles in the position.

I play into the rivalry only when other Sox fans get on me about my team affiliation. i.e at my last job, there was this big obnoxious Sox fan (who would still be big and obnoxious even if he were a royal fan), that ALWAYS got on my case, because i was THE Yankee fan at the job. Every morning, he’d have something to say about what happened with us the night before. I always had to wonder if he ever watched his own team’s games instead of speding time watching how we applaud, or take curtain calls, or other stupid things he always picked out. LOL, i used to tease him that even as lackadisaical as i was about the Sox, i could name more of their front office guys than he could.

But i digress, point is, i didnt become a Yankee fan just so i can root against the Sox, or talk about how much Boston su.cks, and we’ve got more rings and blah blah blah. My love for the Yankees spans more towards the way the team is run (we are some **** good business people), to the vast history of amazing players who had great roles in defining baseball as we know it today (my favorite thing to do other than watching actual real life games is watching Yankeeography. I love learnign about the lifes of the greats. I guess you could say i am a history buff, cause i understand the past certainly laid the foundation for the present and the future), to the way the current players go about their business, to the talent of our farm system (i live in jersey, so i get to see our AA Trenton Thunder, and everyone knows i root for the up and comers, the rookies, the young kids…and to see how much talent and work ethic these kids have, it makes me so proud…), what the Yankees do for the city, and the impacts on people’s lives. Not to mention, i have the most fun ever when i am at the stadium. I’ve never known an arena that makes me smile as much as Yankee staidum, and trust me, i’ve been at many stadiums and sports arenas…but none have the feeling of Yankee Stadium.

Honestly, watching this team and how they play makes me happy. I couldnt imagine my life without baseball or the Yankees at this point. If i were to make a top 10 list of what makes me happy or what i live for, you’d better believe being a baseball and a Yankee fan will fill up one of those spots.

It’s so disheartning sometimes when people try to **** the fun out of it with this whole rivalry thing. I wont even get into the idiots who call the team the evil empire just because of the way they do business. Yes, we all know The Boss is not the most amiable individual in the world, but nobody can deny is **** good business smarts. Its true each side paints the other side to be rude, arrogant, obnoxious pigs, but i for some am tired of being classified. I hate beign defined as arrogant, just because i root for my team. I mean, whats wrong with feeling pride in your team when they do well? If you had a child who went to school, got straight As, gets Honors awards etc, wouldnt you feel pride? Wouldnt you want to shout their praises? Does that make you arrogant??? As long as you dont go around calling Mr A and Mrs C’s kids dumb cause they didnt get As, then whats the problem?

I dont know about you, but if that makes me arrogant, then so be it. I will cheer when my team is doing well and will root for them to be better if they are doing poorly. I am a New York Yankees baseball fan before anything else, so you can take your rivalries and shove it up your collective tushes, cause nothing you say will change my mind about my team affiliation.

You can take that one to the bank and open a Money Mutual Account with it. yes.

Let’s Go Yankeeesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀



    Great post Lola! I’ve lived in MA and RI most of my life, so I’ve never been able to avoid the rivalry. In fact, I live with it. The rivalry is fun and exciting, but those games can be a little more stressful than others, even when the teams are not neck and neck.


    Wow, Lola. Now that post was inspirational. =)

    I just saw the Yankees Classic replay of the 14-13 win over Texas and it gave my goosebumps.

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