Well, no clinching today.

I really hope they win tonite, and beat the Jays tommorow and the Sox lose so we can clinch tommorow. I just pray they DON’T DO IT TUESDAY!!!!!! Tuesdays are my worst days, work from 6:30am – 2:30pm, then school from 3pm – 10:30pm (i am still reeling from the fact Matsui made his return last Tuesday). I cant cut any of the classes, or else i sooo would and go to ESPN Zone to watch the games. If they do it tommorow, i can rush to ESPN Zone right after i get out of class tommorow at 8pm (off course, i’ll be gamedaying first in class to see how its going). Wednesday would be the bestday to do it, cause i dont have any class, so i’ll just leave work straight to The Zone to watch, but i dont know if i’d want to wait till Wednesday to POP THOSE CHAMPAGNE BOTTTLES (or smirnoff ice, rather)! Ha ha..

Let’s Go Yankeeeeeees!!!!!!!

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