Down the stretch, who will come out on top?

August 9th, and there are 52 games left in the regular season. If you are like me, and you like baseball drama, suspense and excitement, now is the time you are even more glued to your television. My Yanks are 2 games atop the AL East, a division they have won 8 consecutive times, and they are making a serious bid for number 9. I have no doubt in my mind that we will once again, clinch the pennant this year. Take last year as an example, we were 3.5 games back on this day, and we had already been counted out. Well, you gotta love those fiesty yanks and their genius manager, cause boy did they fight and perserve in the end.

You might say, a 2 game lead is slim, Boston still has a chance. Yes, you are correct, anything and i mean, anything can happen in baseball. Situations change as quickly as a day or two. But if the way the Sox have been playing recently is any indicator of how they will perform over the next month and 3 weeks, then hey…you cant blame me for handing over the division title to my Yanks as early as August 9th. Cause since the All Star Break, all we have done is pick up momentum, whereas, they were on high octane fuel through a good part of the first half (remember that 12 game win streak *rolls eyes*) and all of a sudden, they seem to have run out of fuel.

Since the All Star Break, we have won 16 out of our last 23 (a .695 winning percentage), while sweeping two series (white sox and rangers), and winning all series but one against the Blue Jays.

How has Boston done? They have only won 12 out of their last 25 (a .480 losing percentage), and have lost 5 series on that stretch!! As if i need anymore proof, yesterday, they lost to the Kansas City Royals. Those lowly Kansas City Royals.

(A quick word on the royals: frankly, i am tired of people always dissing the royals, and mocking them calling them little league, easy wins, etc. I mean, these guys are as major league as any of your favorite team’s players. A little respect goes a long way…just because they are in last place doesnt make them deserve all the mockery that gets thrown their way).

I digress, the point is, everyone had conceded Boston was going to take all 3 games from the Royals, and here they are, they lost game 1. Now, they could go on and win the other 2 games, but fact still remains, they lost game 1. So what does that tell you when they can’t beat the team that EVERYONE (even yankee fans) have said they will undoubtedly beat?

The fact remains, Boston needs pitching, badly, to stay in this race. Especially in their bullpen! I dont know about you, but my smile widens just a bit when my Gameday tells me one of the EZ brothers is up. Or Timlin. Even the beloved Papelbon blew a save just the other day (which doesnt mean he’s bad, especially since our beloved Mo blew a save last night too).

The wild card race is fun to watch. Having already given the division to my Yanks, i am now interested in seeing who will be joining the ALDS in the Wild Card Spot.

Right now, the picture looks like this:

Chi White Sox 66 45 .595
Minnesota 66 46 .589 0.5
Boston 65 46 .586 1.0
LA Angels 59 54 .522 8.0
Toronto 59 54 .522 8.0
Texas 56 58 .491 11.5

Bad news out of Minnesota yesterday. Liriano might be going on the DL. I am not sure how the Twins will now fair down the stretch without their star kid, it all remains to be seen.

Which leaves the more apparent battle between the two Sox teams. Now, i dont know about you, but that man Ozzie Guillen…he’s not going to give up! He’s already like 9 games behind Detroit in that division and now he’s focused on that wild card. They helped their cause a bit last night by beating us in extras and seperating themselves from Boston by one game.

I really think they will win the wild card.

But like i said, anything can happen in baseball.

All of it is a recipe for pretty darn good baseball suspense over the next one month and 3 weeks. Who shall remain standing in the end? No one knows, but we shall all be watching.



Some notes on yesterday’s game.

71547539_1  Alex was 3 for 3, with 2 walks and 2 RBis. However, since we didnt win the game, his performance, which included a clutch single in the 8th would all be swept under the rug. ALEX RODRIGUEZ IS SO UNCLUTCH!

– I wonder how Steve Phillips is doing today. Boy, his head must hurt from all this. Poor him, Alex hasnt folded and died like he so hoped for. His "bring Alex down" campaign seems to have backfired.

– I was VERY glad to see Robbie Jose back. After getting outs in his first 2 plate occurences, he regained his groove and got 2 very key hits (if only the rest of the team had been able to get him home). He also ran very well on his 9th inning double. You have to know i was VERY pleased to see this =].

– Our golden boy, Wang, had his first …i wouldnt say poor, i’d say UNgood outing in about 6 starts. It happens. This shouldnt rattle him. He’ll be fine.

Scottie was throwing rockets when he came in in the 10th replacing Mo. He struck out Brian Anderson, Alex Cintron, and Scott Posednik like it was childs play. I was VERY impressed. But off course, what you will read in the papers is the single in the 11th to Jermain Dye which ended up being the game winner…

Mo gave up a homer to Konerko to send the game to extras. The reaction of all of us on Marks blog was pretty much one of shock. This doesnt happen often…its a feeling we arent used to…but hey, its not the end of the world. I am not even in the slightest bit worried about Mo.

Giambi left the game in the 10th cause he was apparently hurt by a pitch he was hit by. If such a big guy like Giambi can be hurt like that, i **** sure wouldnt want that to be me out there! *ouch*

Tough game to lose last night. Its always tough to lose in extras, but those runs we failed to get in (cano at third) really hurt us.

Well, yesterday is history, and today is another day. Thats why i love baseball. You can easily "make it up" the next day.

Let’s go Yankees!!!!



    “while sweeping two series (white sox and rangers)”

    Don’t forget about the sweep of Toronto last week at the Stadium!

  2. Lola

    oh yeah, how could i forget! we swept 3 series!!! cheaahh! 😀

    wait…whats the plural of series? serii? seree? cereal? lol


    The irritating thing is that John Sterling totally called it as well!
    He said ” So, Konerko, he can hit it out and tie the game, as can any of the next 3 batters”.

    Next pitch, 3 seconds later, *bam*.

    On the positive side though, if the opposing pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, he always likes to point it out nice and early, to try to jinx him. If a Yankee is perfect he’ll at least wait until the 6th to bring it up…


    The pitch against Konerko was one that Mo would like back. I can live with him throwing a bad pitch every once in a while. He has the shortest memory and will shut down the next game as soon as he gets a opportunity. I hope it is not tonight as I would like to see Randy go all 9 and obliterate the Sox for yesterday’s folley. Let’s Go Yanks!!


    dude, the article’s not about hating arod…it’s about the stupid and invalid reasons why people hate him. it’s actually pretty positive in arod’s defense

  6. Lola

    who ever thinks that article is about defending arod is sadly mistaken. they obviously havent been privy to ESPN’s wolf in sheep’s clothing ways in recent times. lets examine the facts, arod hasnt had an error since they launched their tirade last month…he went 3 for 3 last night, amd his home crowd is finally starting to realize how stupid they are for booing every out. Lets see, perfect time to divert peoples attention from all that to why they should hate arod. The article starts off pointing out negatives while disguising it like they are “defending” him. They dont get to the “defense” till the final 2 or so paragraphs, knowing fully well, most people wont read that far. Eeer, its pretty obvious what their intentions are.

  7. Lola

    and why do they continuously refer to a “hate” affair with ARod when poll after poll they put up shows that actually, most people dont hate him (most recent one, 58% say they like him, versus 22% that say they dont).
    Well, they figure if they shove it down the masses throats enough, maybe they will come around and hate him.

    ESPN makes me sick.

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